Help Desk

Help Desk is a fast response/fast resolution phone service for customers who have a problem or issue with their integrated system. Help Desk engineers answer calls promptly day and night and have an established record of solving issues in a timely and efficient manner.

In addition to emergency assistance, Help Desk provides preventative aspects:

  • Periodic system performance monitoring and server check via remote connectivity
  • Verbal status check with customer system administrator
  • Operational use assistance with system software

As well as being people-based, Help Desk also includes a web-based tool that records every call and prepares a running log for real-time analysis of call time, content and resolution time.

Using the Customer Help Desk Login, customers can:

  • Request callout services
  • Request corrective maintenance
  • Request equipment repairs
  • Order spare parts

Customers have free access to track resolution progress in real-time or examine historical logs of all their Help Desk activity. This 'open book' approach is visible evidence that we deliver the service we promised.

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