Precision announces rebrand to Dexion: same quality products, with added global capability

The rebrand will deliver a host of benefits to Precision customers by leveraging from Dexion’s global position in the storage supply sector. These include a significant broadening of Precision’s current product offering, as well as the introduction of new product innovations and marketing initiatives.

Operationally, it will be business as usual for Precision customers, who are guaranteed the same quality products, services and ‘on the ground’ local representation.

Precision’s General Manager, Mark O’Donnell is delighted to announce the rebrand, which he considers a pivotal step in the history of Dexion and its global commercial business.

“We are thrilled to be making the transition from Precision to Dexion – a brand that is globally renowned for its leadership and expertise in delivering cutting edge commercial storage solutions. We will continue to supply our customers with state-of-the-art products and services supported by dedicated and experienced local staff,” said O’Donnell.

“The major benefits of the rebrand for our customers will be a significantly broader product range, as well as access to Dexion’s latest innovations, technologies and marketing initiatives in commercial storage supply. Improved sourcing capabilities and internal resources as a result of the ability to leverage off Dexion’s global reach will also enhance our service delivery competencies,’ added O’Donnell.

Many customers are already aware that Precision forms part of the Dexion group. By marrying its local operations in New Zealand with Dexion’s broader international operation, the rebrand will help invigorate Precision’s brand value and position moving forward.

Dexion is committed to realising its vision of becoming the world leader in delivering specialist storage solutions. Australia and New Zealand customers will benefit from brand consistency in representation, product range and services.

Precision will be rebranded ‘Precision by Dexion’ in October 2013. New Zealand customers can expect to see this dual branding over the next twelve months. The transition period will enable customers and staff to comfortably adjust to the rebrand before Precision by Dexion fully transitions to ‘Dexion’ in October 2014.

To celebrate the rebrand, Precision in undertaking a variety of initiatives, including the upcoming product launches in New Zealand:

• Precision by Dexion Strata 2 cabinet range in November 2013

• Precision by Dexion Specialist Systems range in February 2014

• Precision by Dexion Interactive Lockers in March 2014

A dedicated showroom will also be unveiled in Christchurch in November 2013 to showcase Precision by Dexion’s extensive new commercial storage offering.