Speedlock Box Beam

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The market leader, our box beams are made from two identical channel sections nested together to form a box.

It's the top edge of your box beam that sustains the most punishment. With truck forks and laden pallets banging down day in, day out, it's here that your box beam needs to be strongest. Yet this is the very point that some box beams are at their weakest. By tack-welding two metal channels together along the top edge, the beam's load carrying capacity is not only lowered, but is also left susceptible to lateral impact damage. Hit with enough force, these spot welds can break and the two halves simply separate. Now look that the Speedlock box beam; two 'C' sections interlocked over the length of the beam, forming a double skin at the top and bottom of the beam. It puts top-grade steel where it's needed most. The return flange also gives the beam added load-bearing capacity and allows a lower profile, making greater use of your limited vertical space. The top lip of the beam is positioned at the back of the beam so that it cannot be caught by the pallet handling equipment. Dexion not only has the largest range of box beams, but also boasts the greatest load carrying capacity on the market on a size-for-size basis.

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