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In Dexion's Speedlock racking system there's a special clearway between the connector and the side flange of the upright.

The load imposed on the racking is transferred directly to the front face of the upright, where it dissipates vertically and harmlessly. Other connectors on the market rely on a wedge fit to achieve structural stability, leaving the upright vulnerable to potential damage by lateral load. At the very least, a wedge fit makes the adjustment of beams very difficult. Dexion's connector clearway protects your uprights from damage due to its sideways force. It also makes it far easier to adjust your beams to accommodate changes to your product line or to the configuration of your warehouse. All beams are factory welded to the connectors. Each connector is fitted with an automatic Beam Safety Lock. Five-point connectivity provides a stiffer connection to the upright, which increases the beam's capacity.

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