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The Dexion Motorised Pan Carousel is an automated solution, for the high density storage and retrieval of small parts, with a range of advanced features and accessories that deliver high end functionality at an affordable price.

The Pan Carousel can greatly reduce your storage footprint and maximise your valuable floor space, by utilising the wasted vertical storage space in your facility. Carousels employ the "Goods-to-Person" storage principle, which eliminates travel time and greatly reduces manual handling, by delivering the product directly to the operator at an ergonomic working height. The Pan Carousel houses a range of highly versatile and adjustable shelving modules, which are designed to nest together for optimal utilisation of cubic storage capacity.  When coupled with Dexion's Inventory Control Software, the Pan Carousel can be integrated with existing WMS and ERP systems, to provide total automation capabilities, along with real time transaction data and reporting functionality. With its versatile design, the Pan Carousel provides a broad range of industry applications and is ideal for any business seeking; high security automated storage and precise inventory management, along with an array of cost saving benefits and operational efficiencies.

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