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Tyre Carousel

Store and showcase tyre inventory at the push of a button

Store and sell tyres for a wide range of vehicles, from cars, trucks and buses to aircraft. Using a vertical design, the Tyre Carousel helps you access wasted headroom, while offering you an easy way to manage and display your inventory without wasting valuable time or relying on manual handling using the ‘Goods-to-Person’ principle. The ergonomic design makes it easy to handle a cumbersome and heavy product, and stock selection and rotation is simple – compare and select products at the push of a button.

Product Downloads

Product Features and Benefits

• Carousel configuration can be customised to cater for your specific inventory dimensions and storage requirements
• Maximised storage capacity in a small footprint
• Quality engineering and heavy duty construction
• Simple stocking / loading process
• Fast retrieval of stored products
• Improved inventory management and picking accuracy
• Single person operation allows increased efficiency and reduced labour costs
• Ergonomically designed to reduce manual handling and lifting related injuries
• User friendly push-button machine controls, including emergency stop
• Electronic security keypad to prevent unauthorised use
• Ideal for a range of applications, including: retail sales, bulk storage, industrial servicing and maintenance, commercial fleet management, etc.

Product Specifications

Maximum Tyre Diameter

711, 813, 1118mm


5 – 15 tyre carriers (storage levels), providing storage for up to 352 tyres in a single carousel (depending on tyre dimensions and available storage height)

Maximum Load per Carrier / Storage Level

450kg (standard carriers) 900kg (heavy duty)

Maximum Total Storage Load per Carousel

5900kg (standard models) 8100kg (heavy duty)