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AGV Solutions

Automated Guided Vehicles (AGV) are computer-controlled mobile robots used to move materials around in an environment that requires routine movements of loads.

AGV transport all kinds of products without human intervention, reducing costs and increasing efficiency and productivity.

Product Features and Benefits


Dexion through partner Axter Automation offers 3 types of vehicles that are customisable to suit the client needs:

  • Intelligent AGC: Small vehicles which can pull or transport rolls, special pallets. They possess the same functionalities of any AGVs. They can automatically take and drop loads, movements optimisation and traceability.
  • Special Carriers: Special carriers are vehicles which are fully customised based on the constraints of a particular installation. Such constraints include the size of the products to carry, their weights, nature of the products for example very fragile or dangerous loads which require total precision etc.
  • Standard Vehicles: Standard vehicles are based on standard components and are fully customizable to the specific business needs of our customers. ¬†Under this vehicle category we can provide a wide range of vehicles type including:
    • Pallet trucks (max weight: 3.5 tons, fork: 750 to 2400mm)
    • Stackers (standard, straddle, counterbalance) (max weight 1.6 tons)
    • Tractors (max weight: 3.5 tons)
    • Reach trucks (bi-directional, tri-directional)


  • Higher and stable throughput
  • Increased traceability of goods
  • Increased safety for Operators
  • Reduced labour costs
  • Linking as a whole automated chain flow